The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature brings people from around the world together in the heart of Dubai each year. This celebration transcends borders and languages as talented writers entertain, inspire, and connect us. They share diverse ideas and perspectives, creating a rich dialogue that bridges cultures and guides us towards a brighter future.

This Festival is where stories happen; it’s an annual gathering that fills us with hope, reminding us that literature has the power to unite the world.

Throughout the years, the Festival has championed the joy of reading, shining a spotlight on books in the UAE and worldwide. It nurtures a deep appreciation for Arabic literature, both at home and abroad, and celebrates Emirati culture.

Being part of this literary journey is a privilege, as it brings the world to Dubai through our shared love of literature. In an increasingly connected digital world, literature remains a potent force for understanding, unity, and progress.


H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman Emirates Literature Foundation, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airline & Group, Chairman Dubai Airports.

It is a time of turmoil and uncertainty in the world. Amidst conflict, the role of books to transcend borders has been cast into doubt as politics has prevailed over literature.

At the same time, storytelling has served as a powerful tool for collective expression, documenting histories and preserving cultural heritage. Through the power of words and the lens of social media, we have all experienced the joys and struggles of others first-hand in an unprecedented manner.

Since the inception of the Emirates LitFest, we have strived to be “Where Stories Happen.” This has led us to create a space for shared humanity where people can unite in their love for the written and spoken word. Where they can seek out enlightenment and inspiration, and partake in conversations that touch on the pressing issues of our time.

While innovation and globalisation hold undeniable significance for humanity’s development, dialogue and understanding is what will help us achieve the global goals. It is clear that in order to navigate these bleak times, we need a blueprint of compassion. In books, art and music, we seek and find the essence of compassion, an eloquence that exceeds words, colours and melodies.


I thank you for your support over the years and invite you to join us for the 2024 Emirates LitFest. Come for the captivating stories and soulful connections. Leave with a profound and lasting impact.


Ahlam Bolooki
Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Literature Foundation
Director, Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
Managing Director, ELF Publishing

The Emirates Literature Foundation is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation that supports and nurtures a love of literature in the UAE and across the region through a programme of varied cultural initiatives. Recognising the distinctive contribution that literature makes to children’s lives, the Foundation focuses on introducing and cultivating a spirit of reading while acting as a catalyst for writing and cultural exchange.

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